We believe that part of success means giving back when you are able. Loft 647 is thrilled to pair up with greencirclesalons.ca in conjunction with matteroftrust.org in their quest to better the environment through a system of mindfulness and ingenuity. Green Circle Salons collects, recycles & repurposes a salon or spa's hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics, glass, spa waste AND diverts excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain. This enables salons to reduce their hair color consumption, and implement energy and water saving systems through a unique funding tool that actually helps salons to afford these changes. Green Circle Salons also takes salon waste and converts it into clean energy, an ingenious and invaluable process that creates sustainability and protects our planet. Matter of Trust takes hair donations from salons around the world to build what are known as 'hair booms' -- constructions that are implemented during destructive oil spills because of their incredible absorption properties. Doing so expedites the process of healing the environment and creating a clean atmosphere. Join us in going green, it’s the only planet we’ve got!